Raw Himalayan Fine Salt

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Raw Himalayan Fine salt

1kg Fine Grade

Our Raw Himalayan Salt is extracted as premium quality Himalayan edible salt from the Foothills of Himalaya and crushed and filtered for the best grades of Natural Rock Salt from nature’s gift in Himalaya’s naturally formed Salt Mines. It is 100% natural as extracted by hand, choosing only the best quality made available for you.

Excellent companion for cooking and using as a bath salt for easy dilution! Just add in your food as you would in replacement of your white table salt.

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Himalayan salt is unlike your average table salt. It is a special type of sea salt that has surpassed our time, spanning over 200 million years. It is formed in the ancient sea beds without all the modern environmental toxins found in our current oceans. It is reputed to contain over 80 trace minerals that bring with them a vast array of health benefits. In its raw form, you get all the goodness straight from the mountains. Our raw natural salt has a unique ionic energy that is released when mixed with water.

We mine and produce many Raw Himalayan salt products with amazing benefits! Boulders of Raw Himalayan Salt are hand cut by our local salt-cutters into a variety of shapes and sizes, providing the foundation for extraordinary new ways to prepare and serve food.

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Weight 1 kg

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Excellent quality salt. Can see and taste the difference. I use it for all my cooking now. No more white bleeched supermarket salt for me! I interchange between the coarse and fine salt depending on the dishes.

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