Eat Well Be Conscious Live Wholesome

A healthy spirit results in a healthy mind and this results in a healthy body.

We believe in the three principles of "Eat Well - Be Concsious - Live Wholesome". Eating good quality products support the growth and development of our ability to focus and have presence of mind in every thing that we do on a daily basis, so that in turn we can live a far more fufilled and enriched life. We all require food, shelter and clothing to help sustain our lives on a daily basis and we aim to source the best of these for a better quality of living.

We, at Hilal Organics, source and promote only the best products and services for a wholesome, all-around, support to help nurture our mind, body and innate disposition, known as the spirit.

We are currently sourcing and supplying the following:

Raw Himalayan Salt products

Raw Organic Coconut Oil

We aim to deliver the following products in the coming year:

Raw Golden Palm Sugar

Organic Fair-Trade Cotton

Our Staff

Mr Farid Ameen

Founder, Owner & Director


Ms. Kulpreet Bansi

Director of Alternative Therapy


Ms. Abi Jones

Sales, Marketing & Web


Mr Derek Smith

Customer Services & Logistics