Eat Well Be Conscious Live Wholesome

A healthy spirit results in a healthy mind and this results in a healthy body.

We believe in the three principles of "Eat Well - Be Concsious - Live Wholesome". Eating good quality products support the growth and development of our ability to focus and have presence of mind in every thing that we do on a daily basis, so that in turn we can live a far more fufilled and enriched life. We all require food, shelter and clothing to help sustain our lives on a daily basis and we aim to source the best of these for a better quality of living.

We, at Hilal Organics, source and promote only the best products and services for a wholesome, all-around, support to help nurture our mind, body and innate disposition, known as the spirit.

We are currently sourcing and supplying the following:

Raw Himalayan Salt products

Raw Organic Coconut Oil

We aim to deliver the following products in the coming year:

Raw Golden Palm Sugar

Organic Fair-Trade Cotton

Hilal Organics began 6 years ago; I had just recovered from a skin ailment and it had a massive impact on my life. I found out I was intolerent to certain foods, most of which I absolutely loved! My diet was regulated at home and I had to eat bland food without spice and without any protein... life almost became tasteless!

I then began researching into the types of product I put on my skin and hair. I found that not only is the skin the largest organ of the body but it absorbs almost everything that goes on the skin directly into the blood stream. Thus, having a direct impact on our health!

In the summer of 2009, I travelled to India and visited a family owned Sea Salt Mill. I took loads of pictures and videos of the process and was really impressed! I was so impressed that I wanted to share this product with the world! I spoke to my family and friends, and later on found that sea salt wasn't the purest and had a lot of impurities within it, especially going through extreme dry heat to take out all moisture from the salt crystals!

Our mission is to promote a healthy living with affordable and high quality products and services based on the four principles of maintaining a healthy mind, body & spirit:

  1. Thinking
  2. Breathing
  3. Motion
  4. Diet
Keys to Success
  • Innovated product design.
  • Packaging will follow the 3 R’s (Reuse, Recycle and Reduce).
  • All our products will be naturally and ethically produced, where it is organic we will attempt to get certification by organic standards by Europe’s leading organic certifier EcoCert, Soil Association, COSMOS.
  • Aims to promote awareness of quality products & services.
  • By the people and for the people – Made with completely natural, raw and organic ingredients from fair trade sources.
  • A team dedicated to providing excellent customer service to establish long lasting relationships.
  • Providing a fair and reliable source of information regarding our manufacturing process and certification and any additional information to show complete transparency.

Our vision is a healthy, balanced, peaceful and thriving community who Eat Well – Be Conscious – Live Wholesome.


The following points explain the way in which this Mission and Vision may be achieved:


  • By providing a service for society which includes promotion of products that are wholesome and organic and provide publications and multi-media productions that promote a state of ‘consciousness and awareness’ (C&A), not one of ‘carelessness and heedlessness’ (C&H) about health.


  • By supporting and endorsing products and services from local and global sources.


  • By promoting the work and goods of ethical businesses and organizations. These include natural health and beauty products, organic produce and information on holistic educational methods and ideas.


In order to achieve this, our actions will be founded on the following five conditions:

  1. Honesty – To be honest and sincere during transaction between supplier and customer by providing accurate and true information at all times.
  2. Trustworthiness – To establish a relationship with our customers and with our suppliers and with any organization we have a relationship with.
  3. Implementation must be in accordance with International standards of trade and law – this relates to the public domain, how the individual carries out their deeds.  The manner or methodology we choose to carry out our activities must be in compliance with the International trade laws and standards.  This will safeguard our activities from any form of deception, fraud or usury - rather it will ensure that they are carried out with honesty and integrity,
  4. Products and the Production Process must always excellent and quality controlled – The products of our company should reflect the previous four points and therefore be wholesomeand beneficial to all and not detrimental in any way.  Our aim is to produce and sell finely crafted, high quality items that reflect Excellence and will benefit individuals and society at every level, including the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.
  5. The result or outcome of the products and services must be used in a positive way – Any profit we receive from our products and services in terms of expertise, knowledge, status or wealth should be channeled appropriately so that it can grow and generate greater benefit both for the company and the community.  The ways in which we may channel a proportioned amount of financial gains include the requirement to give in charity to those in need, produce jobs and invite people to a holistic way.  To direct and invest this profit in the right way is crucial so that it can be a means of real success.

Our long-term goals include and are not restricted to the following:

  • Supporting local organic farmers and producers.
  • Become ambassadors of "Eat Well - Be Conscious - Live Wholesome".
  • Source and distribute raw products from our worlds natural resources.
  • Become an international supplier/producer of raw organic products.
  • Spread knowledge of traditional vibrational medicine.
  • Supporting homeless and orphaned children and young adults.
  • Producing jobs for our local communities in our production sites/offices as our business grows.

Our Staff

Mr Farid Ameen

Founder, Owner & Director


Ms. Kulpreet Bansi

Director of Alternative Therapy


Ms. Abi Jones

Sales, Marketing & Web


Mr Derek Smith

Customer Services & Logistics