We’re so pleased to tell you we’ve just launched our very own

Raw Organic Coconut Oil!




About our Raw Organic Coconut Oil

The communities of South India have been long accustomed to the various uses of coconuts. Our Raw Organic Coconut oil is extracted within 10 hours of picking, peeling and shredding of coconut flesh, to preserve its freshness. It is produced using a cold-pressed method using both modern technology and the South Indian conventional wisdom of “Chekku”.


This method preserves all the natural properties of our coconut oil which has been carefully selected from high quality coconuts, from organically grown trees without using any harmful chemicals or substances. All of the coconuts used to make our oil are grown organically in plantations from local farmlands.


Organic coconut oil is reputed to provide a range of nourishing benefits, especially when eaten raw and used in everyday cooking as it is a great source of Medium-Chain Triglycerides. When used to cook in high temperatures, it is the only oil that stays stable and is ranked as having the highest Smoke point (before it is damaged due to high heat). This means, this oil is the best for all your high heat cooking needs!


We have been using coconut oil since babies! Well, as far as I can remember we have used the oil on our hair, skin and in all our foods. We didn’t really know what was organic and what wasn’t. All we knew was that our coconut oil was coming from our own trees in India and pressed using a traditional method known as “Chekku”, which has in more recent years been redefined as “Cold-Pressed”. It’s so personal to us as we are so connected to it, culturally and use it on a daily basis in so many different ways! So, we want to share it with you… so you can experience our unique, creamy, mildly coconut-flavoured, tropically scented oil and enjoy it!

Modern ‘Organic’ Coconut oil

Of course, cold-pressed organic coconut oils have existed in many different cultures and traditions of past civilisations in the Eastern parts of our world. What we have today, is a swarm in the international markets claiming each product is organic and cold-pressed. The benefits of coconut oil especially has a growing awareness amongst health lovers and there is a variety of coconut oils available. Most coconut oil in the world comes from India, Philippines and Indonesia. But in more recent years the production of this oil has increased dramatically in the Philippines, I think this is primarily because of modern consumerism and demand from the West for its cheaper prices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this dramatic increase lead to some sort of change in production and quality like what happened after the first industrial revolution. History tends to repeat itself when there is no more balance.

Coconut oil has been used for many centuries in India as a household cooking oil, or a massage oil, or simply for the hair and skin. The oil has been produced using a method called “Chekku” at times also using wood to churn the oil out of the coconut flesh. This is also known as cold pressed. This methodology maintains all the natural nutrients in the oil and its distinct coconut aroma and flavour. We have personally seen the oil being produced, and have also visited the coconut tree field in Theni and Kangeyum, which is part of the ‘IFOAM’, known as ‘International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements’. So the product is very personal to us, and loved by us.

Our coconut oil is raw, fresh and certified organic, from the “C” to the “T”. We know and can verify where it is from, in the district of Theni and Kangeyum in South India and exactly how it is produced and the organic tree fields, where the coconuts are grown, harvested and picked from.

Method of Production

Our Raw Organic Coconut oil comes from coconuts, grown in a certified organic plantation near the borders of Kerala, in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is harvested at 9 to 11 months when the coconuts are ready for picking. The coconuts are then cut from trees using poles which are 12-15m tall. The coconuts are then transported to a central husking area in the local village within the district and then taken into the processing facility where they are shelled and paired to obtain the white organic coconut meat.

The white organic coconut meat is rinsed and selected to assure that only the best meat is used in the process and that no other materials will cause cross-contamination. The meat is then dried at temperatures below 40˚ degrees to maintain the freshness of the oil when pressed. After this, the dried coconut flesh undergoes a Cold-Pressing method, also known as “Chekku”. During this process of extraction, cold water is passed through the pressing machine to cool down any increase in heat or temperature caused by the friction in pressing for the oil. After all the oil is pressed, the organic coconut oil is put in settling tanks for a minimum of 48 hrs. Finally the organic coconut oil is filtered and filled in food grade anti-leeching plastic drums ready for shipping! All batches of oil are analysed for microbiological and physical-chemical control at the time of filling (lab report by SGS click here).

The coconut oil then safely arrives in to my clean and private production site where I fill the oil into 500 ml jars using a mechanical semi-automatic filling machine which is driven by air pressure and electricity. After the jars are filled, each jar is checked for quality control individually, ensuring that hygiene and quality standards are met at all times. The jars are then labelled individually by hand and decorated using a coconut fibre craft string. All the jars are then coded individually with unique batch no. codes and expiration dates according to UK regulations ready for the world!

Coconut oil is full of awesome benefits – renowned around the world as a superfood because of it’s unique nutritional content. Our product is raw and organic – the coconuts are peeled, shredded and pressed within 10 hours of being picked from organically grown trees in the exotic fields of Southern India.

Coconut oil contains a miracle ingredient called lauric acid – a special type of super antibacterial fatty acid that’s also found in human breast milk. In it’s raw and organic state, coconut oil contains the most lauric acid of any substance on Earth! Be really careful though when selecting your coconut oil – it’s so sad to see so many coconut oil products available today that use 2nd grade oil made from Copra coconuts (sundried mature coconuts), which has also become a commodity, and many are commonly also bleached to provide its white colour and deodorised through various other processes. What’s the point? They’re completely diminished in nutritional benefits.

Other benefits:

– High in saturated fats

– A great source of Medium-Chain Triglyceride’s

– A great culinary companion

– Unrefined

– Chemical-free

– Unfermented

– Unbleached

– Undeodorized

– Unhydrogenated

– Helps protect against heart disease

– Helps breakdown of fat

– Supports brain function, (Alzheimer’s)

– Supports weight loss

– Balanced thyroid function

Just like butter, it is solid at room temperature and melts at temperatures above 24 degrees. It also does not breakdown in light or heat or become rancid and stale, which is the case with lots of other oils most commonly used. The oil has a natural tropical scent, and is over 90% saturated with good healthy fats and has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Diversified usage of Raw Organic Coconut Oil

In this section, I hope to submit some fun videos using coconut oil in various beauty products, foods, hot/cold drinks and sweets. Below is a list of some of its uses:

Natural shaving cream – Moisturises and soothes the skin as you shave it.

Eat Raw – to provide you with an extra boost of energy before workouts, or if you’re feeling slightly drained. It also promotes weight loss.

Body peel – Use our Himalayan salt with this oil and make yourself a nice body peel.

Hair/Scalp conditioner – Helps reduce hair-loss and thickens the hair.

Massage oil – Can be used as a great massage oil. Can also be blended with essential oils to provide a unique tropical aromatherapy treatment.

Moisturising oil – A great oil to help cool hot itchy sensitive skin and to moisturise our skin.

Sunburn lotion – Works better than Aloe Vera with its anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties whilst moisturising the skin and cooling it.

Sunscreen – Apply on your screen and enjoy the sun!

Oil Pulling – a traditional and Ayurvedic treatment to detox and cleanse your mouth. Best when taken first thing in the morning!

Coffee creamer – Make a tasty and healthy coffee latte, but remember to blend, not stir!

Smoothie – Blend a spoon of coconut oil in your favourite smoothie for additional health benefits.

Lip balm – A little dip and dab of the oil on the lips could help treat chapped lips.

Cooking oil – One of the best oils to use for cooking!

Polish – Polish and add a clean finish on your wooden furniture’s!

Body deodorant – Add a dab of oil in your underarms, and if you prefer, you may add essential oils for extra aromas!

Breath Freshener – Use the oil to rub into your gums and gargle.

Toothpaste – Use as a base for toothpaste by mixing with baking soda, peppermint and a little natural sweetener.

Body cream – Use as a base for a moisturising cream. I mix it with Shea butter and a few drops of essential oil blends that I like, such as Rosemary and Ylang Ylang or Sandlewood.

Insect repellent – Apply

Chocolate – Make delicious artisan chocolates using coco powder, and a natural sweetener.

Pan fry/Stir fry oil – Use as a lubricant to oil your pans when cooking, instead of using those pan oil sprays.

Above is a list of uses we have personally tried and tested, feel free to add any other uses you may have by emailing us and share it! We will add it to our list!

Enjoy our Raw Organic Coconut Oil… and have fun with it!