Excess Caffeine Consumption

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It’s estimated that over 100 million men and women drink coffee everyday in America with 65% of that coming from the morning hours. However, too much is not good for your adrenal glands.

When you drink caffeine, your adrenals pump out cortisol. Excess caffeine or coffee can cause an overreaction. This is a big reason why you might need it in the morning just to get your day going and not uncommon with plenty of clients at the Functional Aging Institute.

However, if your adrenals are working perfectly and releasing cortisol at the correct times of day, like right when you wake up, you wouldn’t need a cup of Joe to get going.

In fact, that’s one of the main responsibilities of cortisol, to wake you up with a burst of energy. And coffee isn’t the only culprit—caffeine can be found in everything ranging from pain killers, ice cream, energy water, and breath fresheners.

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